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Eliminate taxes on capital gains and ordinary income.
Increase discretionary profits, credit lines and long-term capital-building.

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Defer Your Taxes to Grow Assets & Cash

Anticipate a tax bill this year? Consider deferring a portion of your income to grow assets and cash. The more you have, the more you can make..

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Eliminate Capital Transaction Taxes,
Maximize Value, Minimize Risk to Your Legacy

Give yourself an 80% raise this year, work smarter rather than harder, eliminate capital transaction taxes, and strengthen your balance sheet. Learn and minimize the blindsiding risks that destroy most life efforts. Our MaximizerSM and FTI Credit LinesSM, with rates fixed under 3%, may well be the key pieces to your financial puzzle. Our Legacy Protector reveals insights Century families know to protect life’s work from unprepared heirs.

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"Our passion is to help individuals and families fulfill their potential. We strive to make a difference for families who choose to integrate best legal and heritage practices."

- Jim Smyth

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