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Appreciated Property Partnerships

For Strategic, Long-Term Investment Hold

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Investment Philosophy

CSS’s investment philosophy is simple, but resonates strongly with our partners.

  • Success is something you already know and bring to us. We respect your accomplishments and expertise. If we work together, even when circumstances do not allow for formal partner relationship, we are not just investors of our lives and expertise; our approach is as your business partners. We are deeply committed to ensuring that you win in a relationship with us. That said, we don’t expect to make a lot from you every year compared to your benefits, and we stay out of your way.

  • When we invest in an opportunity, we are buying into you and your team. You are the experts. You use us as a sounding board and resource.

  • Great investments come from sound judgment, a proven commodity of yours before we partner with you. There are no shortcuts to success. There are secrets to controlling the success you create. We know some of them and how to implement them. That’s the magic we bring. You always control implementation. And you can always tell us when it’s time to part.