Ordinary Income Tax Deferral

Keep More Cash and Assets Growing Through Legal Tax Deferral


Anticipating tax bill this year?

If so, you can defer a portion of your income to grow assets and cash. The more you have, the more you can make. Let us show you how to design the cash flow you want, lower your tax rate by 20 points on necessary income, and let your profits compound tax-protected like a retirement plan.

Looking to grow your value, pay down debt, cover overhead, and maximize reinvestment returns?

If so, FTI's Cash CreatorSM and Family BankSM programs find hidden assets in your business. We buy them and lease them back to you, often on an exclusive basis, recharacterizing ordinary income rates to capital gain (a 20 point reduction).

Defer payments you don’t need so more cash can work for you. Your Family Bank extra assets are held in investment advisors approved by you, pledged to you. When combined with our unique Value Builder tools, you may increase your return to 100% per year or more.

The Cash CreatorSM

There is cash sitting in your business that you don’t have time to get to. Your staff and advisors are not best trained to get it. THE BEST PART is that YOU PAY US FROM YOUR SAVINGS. You NEVER have money out of pocket with FTI unless you want to. You can let us tax protect your savings while you’re at it.

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The Family BankSM

From business ideas to systems, software, processes, real estate, and goodwill, you have assets that can be purchased and leased back to your business.  Properly done, you will strengthen your asset titles, prepare you for an eventual sale, and reduce taxes beginning immediately. We bring 60+ years of experience to help you grow cash and assets in your own Family Bank. Your business may be the best engine for wealth multiplication of these dollars. Our Value Builder process helps you determine this and move to profitable growth. Whether Family Bank money is invested in the markets, your business, or gold, you will accelerate your escape velocity to lifestyle security, then impact.

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