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Who We Are & What We Do

After decades of experience in the legal and accounting worlds, CSS was founded in 2015 on the premise of bringing business structure benefits to scalable operating businesses and to capital gain opportunities for tax mitigation in real estate and business. The performance of our partners continues to validate both our initial thesis and our efforts.

Two Ways to Partner With Us

We invest our intellectual capital, systems, and experience as equity when gains on sale or annual profits exceed $500,000 and are not larger than $100,000,000.
Our portfolio of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals are a valuable resource to our partners.

Appreciated Property Partnerships

For strategic, long-term investment holds

appreciated property pie


Security of assets and income flows from mistake, litigation against yourself or others, market quakes, personal and business catastrophes, and even dishonesty is crucial. We provide structure and trust your choices to ensure results.


In this portfolio, cash returns are typically fixed and small, with certainty against default. The profits are long-term and steady. The big benefits go to you and your family.

Tax Efficient

Tax efficiency can have an exponential impact on returns, multiples, and cash flows. Let CSS help you for about 5% of your benefit.

Growth Enterprise Partnerships

For dynamic appreciation and exits

growth enterprise pie

Operations & Strategies

Scaling operations and strategy is newly available with lower tax burdens. CSS helps companies grow where markets and customers ensure dynamic profit growth.

Cash Flows

A CSS partnership means better cash flows, financial flexibility, and ability to explore strategic M&A transactions, thereby opening doors to faster growth.

Exit Preparedness

Being prepared to exit is crucial for small companies great offers and Uber-scale change events can exponentially impact value of your business. Let CSS help you add preparedness to your systems.

Why CSS?

It’s simple -

  • we are your single, best business opportunity- you make a lot more money with us
  • we always enhance your cash position and your possibilities
  • you keep control- our agreements always keep you in control, usually of all of the cash. In effect, our equity stake is nonvoting and advisory. We partner with success.
  • our approach maximizes your benefit in all that we do. The better you do, the better we do.
  • you can terminate us with ease and walk away with more money than you started
  • we reduce your risk and you have nothing to lose with us


We invest ourselves in customized solutions to achieve your goals from the start. We bring expertise and real-world experience in every functional discipline:

  • Our experienced principals work closely with you to understand every aspect of your business
  • We won’t reinvent the wheel — we’ve been there, done that, and you willn benefit from our experience
  • We help you scale, be prepared for exits, and execute acquisitions when you want


We share your strong work ethic:

  • We roll-up our sleeves and work towards making each one of our companies a winner
  • Our objective is to be the best, and just like you, we don’t settle for “good-enough”