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Appreciated Property Partnerships

For Strategic, Long-Term Investment Hold

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Investment Approach

In this division, CSS partners with entrepreneurs who want to protect their hard-earned profits. Our investment works like a self-directed IRA for you to defer capital gains tax for the term of our involvement and control your investments and returns.

Three Best Reasons to Partner With Us

  1. You earn 25-40%+ more income - protect your lifestyle with more income, ability to diversify, and less risk
  2. You save 10+ years of value – when was your asset worth 25% less? How many years to make that back … pretax?
  3. You increase your wealth protection and add 60+ years of deep business expertise without cost

Earn 25-40% More Income

Total Income Accumulating

Figure A

Asset Income Isn't Reduced Because Your Capitalization Remains at or Near 100%

Figure A represents a sale on commercial property in Chicago, IL. The property had $2.5 million in Capital Gains, but was facing $700,000 in taxes. The red columns show how much our partner's money would have scaled with an 8% Return on Investment (ROI) had he taken the initial $700,000 pay cut. The green columns show how his money is now scaling at the same ROI after working with us to defer the taxes and reinvest the total income.

Both of our parties bring powerful tools to the table. Our new partner is an expert in buying/selling commercial real estate. Otherwise stated, he knows how to create wealth. When his wealth-creating abilities are coupled with our 60+ years of deep tax and business expertise, we can create an environment for his wealth to stay protected and scale at a much faster rate.

Save 10+ Years of Value

tax gap pie chart

Figure B


Figure C

Your Life's Worth Is At Risk

The red slice in Figure B represents the percent of dollars our partner would have left on the table had they failed to defer the Capital Gains Tax. The full circle shown in this chart represents Total Potential Profit that now works for him. Had he accepted the tax loss, he would not only have been saying goodbye to the money, but he would also have been saying goodbye to the years he had spent appreciating the property value. How many years ago do you think his property was worth $700,000 less?

See the Ordinary Income and Capital Gain rates of future year pre-tax dollars to recover losses in Figure C. These numbers show how much he Must Earn in order to make back the $700,000 lost to taxes. How many more years would you need to recover?

In his line of work, he fits in a 50% Ordinary Income Tax Bracket. That means for half of year, he would be working for the IRS. He would have to do 2 years of work for 1 year of income. To make up Capital Gains Tax, he would have to do 1.389 years of work for 1 year capital gains.

Increase Wealth Protection & Gain Expertise

appreciated property pie


Security of assets and income flows from mistake, litigation against yourself or others, market quakes, personal and business catastrophes, and even dishonesty is crucial. We provide structure and trust your choices to ensure results.


In this portfolio, cash returns are typically fixed and small, with certainty against default. The profits are long-term and steady. The big benefits go to you and your family.

Tax Efficient

Tax efficiency can have an exponential impact on returns, multiples, and cash flows. Let CSS help you for about 5% of your benefit.

We give you a competitive edge and security measured by the dollars you keep. Our experience and tax sophistication are critical assets to you.

Our 60+ years of experience as CPA's and Tax Attorneys give you the immediate benefit on the percent we buy of

  • 25-40% more income and/or growth
  • 25-40% more leverage
  • 25-40% more protection in case of downturn

Our powerful strategies link to software, tools, an active rolodex, and abilities to add cash and family bank know-how to enhance wealth-building in your business.

Our Business Proposal

If you fit our criteria, we invest intellectual capital, strategic advice and business expertise for 3 to 7% of the benefits we provide. This results in a typical 20x Multiplier℠ result. Our partners are always self-sustaining, already successful enterprises or property owners. We enhance the benefits of that success, convert ordinary income to capital gain, increase incomes, growth, and profitability, and lower taxes for our partners.

We always quantify expected results before engaging. We are agile and can quickly move to engagement with timely solutions to pressing problems. We understand the importance of minimally impacting ongoing operations, both before and after we make an investment of ourselves.