About The Family Trust Institute

Our mission: The Family Trust Institute (FTI) is a business built to facilitate Congress’s intent to:

  • Encourage commercial transactions and maximize property applications for highest use
  • Strengthen families
  • Manage and protect income-producing assets in ways that reduce tax burdens and increase cash flow

An Overview:

  • Congress’s intent and our business purpose
    • Video and written summary
  • What you will find here
    • For business – Video and written summary
    • For yourself – Video and written summary
    • For your family – Video and written summary

See if you are a good fit for us by following our videos and filling in these short questionnaires:

  • Risk
  • Goals & impact
  • Assets & ownership
  • Values

and resell properties to impact:

  • Taxes and profits
  • Leverage
  • Diversification
  • Opportunity cost and potential
  • Balance sheets
  • Retirement security
  • Family well-being
  • Legacy
  • Asset Protection
  • Multiples
  • Videos and case studies

We help you add enterprise value: page

  • Core Value
  • 90 day sprints
  • Bundling to resell
  • Undue income tax burden
  • Increased cash flows
  • CXO Marketing
  • CXO Collective
  • Strategic Coach
  • Business mastermind
  • Videos and case studies

We asset protect for the long-term from:  page

  • Creditors
  • Health catastrophes
  • Excessive attorney fees
  • Undue influence and overreaching
  • Titling mistakes
  • Estate challenges
  • Waste, frittering, heir unpreparedness
  • Estate taxes
  • Undue income tax burdens
  • Legacy-debilitating risks

Videos and case studies

An overview- who we don’t choose to do business with

Our Passion...

is to help individuals and families fulfill their potential. We strive to make a difference for families who choose to integrate best legal and heritage practices.

dad-son-fishingWe represent a successful alternative to undesirable outcomes after you are gone: family fights, wasted community potential, hard feelings and the terrible waste of unprepared heirs. These are the rule rather than the exception....and this is unacceptable to us. We are not money managers or insurance people. We are attorneys with decades of focused estate-planning experience working with other lawyers, solicitors and professionals. Our passion is to provide a global platform to strengthen families and cooperating advisors. Our legacy is to strengthen your potential and your family's human capital leverage for the benefit of future generations. We argue that our enemies and yours are the stale way of doing things, the success of litigators, news people and others who prey on the tragedies that too frequently follow family and individual heir failures. For us, whatever we can do to leverage your capacity individually and as family, we will be doing. Don't let your parents or grandparents pass before we help you capture and protect their love and lessons.

We help you adopt heritage practices that enhance the blessing of your life’s work to family well-being for generations to come.