The Cash Creator

Our Cash Creator℠ saves clients an average of  $240,000  in tax incentives and expense reductions  annually

What is The Cash Creator?

The Cash Creator is our network of cash creation experts who work to put money in your pocket. From credit card processing fees and utility bills to tax specialty and property tax refunds, our experts are trained to find and recover this waste. When you recover them in your regular taxable environment, 30 to 50% of your recovery is usually extra income lost in taxes. We solve this problem to keep all of your recovery working for you UNTIL you want to be taxed on it. In the meantime, we find other ways to suggest savings and purchases to you.

Here are just a few of the services we provide

and the average amounts saved:






Tax Credit


Property Tax Evaluation


Credit Card



Work Comp Insurance Audit

Find Wasting Assets In Your Business.

Turn Them Into Cash.

Shelter The Cash From Tax.


Drastically Improve Your Lifestyle

Do you want to see how much you can really save?