Case Study: Warehouse Building

Warehouse Building

The Problem

The client was looking to sell an office building for a $1,200,000 Gain, but he was going to get hit with $342,200 in Transaction Taxes.

Transaction Taxes


The Solution

CSS stepped in and incorporated tax-deferral strategies to completely eliminate this problem. On top of that, CSS was able to save all of the family's assets and create a lasting plan for the future.


Tax Savings Report Card

Control: A+

Asset Protection: A+

Total Amount Saved


What the Customer Had to Say:

"Jim is honest, thoughtful, bright, and informed. I cannot recommend Jim highly enough. Over nearly 20 years, Jim has loyally and faithfully provided powerful planning options to our family and business. We have substantially more money and family protection because of Jim."

- Gary Adamson, CEO, Dicor Corporation, Elkhart, IN

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