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Aquilini Family Trust at the Heart of Bitter Divorce

Aquilini family trust at the heart of bitter divorce

Francesco and Tali’ah Aquilini’s Family Trust dispute involves over $5 billion and more in assets, including the Vancouver Canucks and the largest blueberry and cranberry farming operations in the world. It affects tens of thousands of employees of the companies and their strategic partners, other family members, and young children caught in the limelight. Assets…

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Indiana and Congress Just Revolutionized Estate Planning

In Spring 2013, Governor Pence signed legislation that eliminated Indiana’s inheritance tax. Earlier in 2013, the US government approved a $5.25 million federal estate exemption with “portability”. Portability means that on the first spouses’ death, the estate can file a return that transfers any unused portion of the first spouse’s exemption to the surviving spouse.…

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