Case Study: Rental Properties

Rental Properties

The Problem

The client was paying $13,000,000 in unnecessary taxes for Real Estate in a C-Corp.Equipment.

Transaction Taxes


Additional Income Taxes


Estate Taxes


The Solution

CSS stepped in and incorporated tax-deferral strategies to completely eliminate this problem. On top of that, CSS was able to save all of the family's assets and create a lasting plan for the future.


Tax Savings Report Card

Control: A+

Asset Protection: A+

Family Strengthening: A+

Legacy Enhancement: A+

Total Amount Saved


What the Customer Had to Say:

"Jim Smyth saved our family’s assets after every advisor we knew had no solutions. Jim and his organization have our highest recommendations. In addition, Jim is a committed man of deep spiritual insight about legacy. We have benefitted from his efforts in this area."

- Pr. Tim Cummings, New Creations Chapel, Richmond, IN

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