Keep 100% of the Profits

Defer Your Gain Indefinitely

Right Now You're Paying Approximately

30% in Total Taxes


In Terms of Money

This means you lose approximately $300K with every transaction, which adds up to a tremendous amount over time. 

In Terms of Time

At a 30% tax rate, it takes 1.43 years to make back every year lost in taxes. At a 50% rate, with Social Security and other costs included, it takes 2 years.


How Long Ago Was Your Property Worth 30% Less?

How Long Will It Take You to Recover That 30% on Your Balance Sheet?


Those years, added together, are how long you take the risk and work for the IRS. After you pay your transaction tax and the market goes down, none of that new loss can apply against the gain you already paid tax on.

Drastically Improve Your Lifestyle

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