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Appreciated Property Partnerships

For Strategic, Long-Term Investment Hold

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Investment Criteria

We partner with those who don’t need hand-holding. You’ve proven you know how to make money. Now you are trying to protect your gains. We provide a long-term, passive equity relationship for doing that. Over the long-term, depending on your success, we earn 3 to 5% of your savings for our ongoing expertise and relatedness. You keep us secured. We communicate on an agreed schedule which can vary based on your needs and request, and you use our advice only as you determine is helpful to you. We anticipate successful long-term profitability together beyond exit from current assets.

Partner Profiles We Serve

  • Target Size: Real estate and/or business sales with capital gains and/or recapture between $500,000 and $100.0 million.
  • Transaction Types: Real estate transactions, Entity sales, Asset sales, Exits, Recapitalization, Partnerships, 1031 Bailouts
  • Investment Focus: Highly appreciated assets where principal is unlikely to be consumed in the near term
  • Preferred Investment: Equity of time and expertise to result in substantial reductions in tax and other benefits
  • Geographies: US owned businesses and foreign owned businesses in the US