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Depending on Your Goals and Business Structure, a Partner or Intermediary Relationship Is Usually Best. 

We Always Focus On Your Best Interests.

How Do We Save You 30% on Capital Gains Tax?

Tax Deferral has been a staple for scaling wealth faster for decades

Supported by Section 453 of the Tax Code, you are encouraged to defer your taxes, so you can reinvest 100% of your profits into your next venture. When you're able to finance 100% of your dollars rather 70% post-tax, your wealth can grow twice as fast.

There Are 3 Main Ways We Service Our Clients


#1. As Partners...

We establish and document a goal-mutual business relationship with you in charge. We buy into your business. When you sell the assets within, the cash is protected from tax and creditors, and you are in complete control to reinvest that money however you like - no investment manager necessary. A powerful benefit from this option is this: as partners, we make our business and tax expertise 100% available on all future projects.

Hopson Partners With CSS, LLC

By scalkins July 18, 2017

(317) 268-8880 Hopson Partners with CSS, LLC Hopson was about to owe a $400,000 tax bill. For $27,000, we gave him asset protection, reinvestment in his next deal, and new deductions.…

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#2. As Intermediaries...

Allow us to purchase the rights to the cash from your sale. This service makes the most sense when you are selling a specialized practice, and the same methods from our Vendor service apply: your profits are secure and controlled by your personal asset manager.

Using the Intermediary Option

By scalkins July 18, 2017

(317) 268-8880 Using the Intermediary Option East coast doctor, Martin Diaz, M.D. sold his practice to a medical group for substantial value, much to be recognized ordinary income. His practice…


#3. As Vendors...

Let us buy your asset and immediately resell it. Your profits remain secure within an LLC we create for you and controlled by an investment manager you assign and trust. Read why this was the best option for Tom and Mick.

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Once Your Time and Money Are Gone, They're GONE

Once you give up your money to taxes, you can never get it back. Taxes immediately devaluate your asset's gross worth by 30%. That also means 30% of the time you put into growing that asset has been spent working for the US Government.

Those years, added together, are how long you take the risk and work for the IRS. After you pay your transaction tax and the market goes down, none of that new loss can apply against the gain you already paid tax on.

You owe it to yourself to explore every option. By deferring the taxes you can reinvest 100% of your dollars and double your money in half the time.

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