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What is The FTI Family Bank?

Business owners have the unique ability to defer their income (and associated tax liability) into the future. In other words, instead of paying upwards of 50% or more immediately to the government, you can choose to take your income in the future and, in the meantime, use the government's money to achieve tax-deferred growth.

Couple that with flexible investment options, including just about anything you read about in the Wall Street Journal, and you can start to understand the POWER of deferral. The best investment will often be in your own business.

The Family BankSM process has tremendous synergy with the Value Builder℠, and for retirement plan and creditor protection strategies.

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Taxes Steal Years of Your Life

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At FTI, we are solely focused on improving you and your family's lifestyle. One of the biggest concerns you might have is reaching your financial goals in a reasonable amount of time. 

Nobody can get you there faster than FTI. Our rates are the best in the business.

To the right is our Lifestyle Security Calculator. This Calculator is designed to show you approximately how many years it will take for you to reach your Ultimate Financial Goals. By typing in your actual numbers, you can literally see how much of a time difference Structured Sales with FTI can make.

To reach these conclusions we concentrate on 2 common Wealth & Safety terms for Next Level Growth:

1. Lifestyle Security

This refers to your Ultimate Financial Goal or the amount of money you would need to achieve in order to live comfortably. For lifestyle security you want to rely on 5% of passive earnings from an amount set aside for long-term investment. This can include inheritance. You can read more about Lifestyle Security here.

2. Escape Velocity

This is the speed it would take you to reach your Lifestyle Security goals. Escape Velocity (“EV”) is the rate / year by which you are accomplishing your Primary Financial Goal (“PFG”). This is an extremely useful measurement of progress. It tells you whether you are moving forward or backward toward a goal and how to pace yourself. You can ready more about Escape Velocity here.

Federal Tax Table***

NOTE: There are a number of variables that come into play when paying taxes within a business. These are simply estimated percentages to give you a general idea of what you're paying. You can look at these numbers in more detail at

Taxable Income Tax Rate
$0-$9,275 10%
$9,276-$37,650 15%
$37,651-$91,150 25%
$91,151-$190,150 28%
$190,151-$413,350 33%
$413,351-$451,050 35%
Over $451,050 39.6%
Taxable Income Tax Rate
$0-$18,550 10%
$18,551-$75,300 15%
$75,301-$151,900 25%
$151,901-$231,450 28%
$231,451-$413,350 33%
$413,351-$451,050 35%
Over $451,050 39.6%
Taxable Income Tax Rate
The First $118,500 15.3%
Each Additional $118,500 +2.9%

Obamacare & Medicare***

  • Medicare Tax on Investment Income: 3.8% over $200k (Single) / $250k (Married) / (Self-employed already factored into Federal Tax Table)
  • Medicare Part A Tax Increase (on ALL income): 0.9% over $200k (Single) / $250k (Married) / (Self-employed already factored into Federal Tax Table)

Enjoy Tax Deferral Using

The Family Bank Process

Adding growth and cash build-up through tax deferral, you will find The Family Bank program powerfully accelerates your escape velocity toward lifestyle security goals. It’s like giving yourself a raise every time you apply the power of another FTI tool. You really can dramatically accelerate the achievement of your dreams.

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