Defer Your Taxes

Keep More Cash and Assets Growing Through Legal Tax Deferral

Defer a portion of your income to grow assets and cash. The more you have, the more you can make. Let us show you how to design the cash flow you want, lower your tax rate by 20 points on necessary income, and let your profits compound tax-protected like a retirement plan.

Ordinary Income Tax Deferral

Looking to grow your value, pay down debt, cover overhead, and maximize reinvestment returns? Our Cash CreatorSM and Family BankSM programs find hidden assets in your business. We buy them and lease them back to you, often on an exclusive basis, recharacterizing ordinary income rates to capital gain (a 20 point reduction). Defer payments you don’t need so more cash can work. Your Family Bank extra assets are held in investment advisors approved by you, pledged to you. When combined with our unique Value BuilderSM tools, you may increase your return to 100% per year or more.

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Capital Gain Deferral

Want to live on 100% of the value of the assets you built even after you’ve sold them? Our Maximizer defers up to 100% of capital gain and 1250 recapture at sale,  protects your lifestyle, legacy,  and balance sheet from tax reduction, and gives you approval over the range of investments you deserve…including private wealth assets. It reduces your risk of market instability and lets Uncle Sam participate in your risk of loss.

Our FTI Credit LineSM, with rates fixed under 3%, may well be the key piece to your financial puzzle. If your credit is good enough, you can nearly double the assets working for you in retirement.

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