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Federal & Medicare CG Rate Reference:

LTCG Rate Single Married Filing Jointly Head of Household Married Filing Separately
0% Up to $38,600 Up to $77,200 Up to $51,700 Up to $38,600
15% $38,600-$425,800 $77,200-$479,000 $51,700-$452,400 $38,600-$239,500
20% Over $425,800 Over $479,000 Over $452,400 Over $239,500

*Collectibles (art, antiques, coins, metal, gems and certain other tangible personal property) held one year or longer are taxed at 28%.The Federal capital gain tax rate is generally 15% or 20% depending upon taxable income. Single taxpayers with over $425,800 in taxable income and taxpayers filing as married filing jointly with over $479,000 in taxable income pay the higher 20% capital gain tax rate.

The 3.8% Medicare surtax only applies to "net investment income" as defined in IRC §1411.

The capital gain tax formula provided is to help you determine an approximate gain and amounts that may be deferred under Internal Revenue Code §1031. Custom Structured Settlements, LLC, it’s officers or employees are not authorized or permitted under applicable laws to provide tax or legal advice to any client or prospective client of CSS. The tax related information contained herein or in any other communication that you may have with a representative of CSS should not be construed as tax or legal advice specific to your situation and should not be relied upon in making any business, legal or tax related decision.  A proper evaluation of the benefits and risks associated with a particular transaction or tax return position often requires advice from a competent tax and/or legal advisor familiar with your specific transaction, objectives and the relevant facts. We strongly urge you to involve your tax and/or legal advisor (or to seek such advice) in any significant real estate or business related transaction.