Capital Gains Deferral: Maximize Value, Minimize Risk, Grow and Sustain Your Legacy

Looking to give yourself a raise by working smarter rather than harder, legally avoid capital gain taxes, leverage an improved balance sheet, and minimize the blindsiding risks that destroy most life efforts?

Our Maximizer and Legacy Protector are the 1-2 punch that changes our life and opens new possibilities your advisors have missed. You pay nothing because Uncle Sam is happy to pay us for you.

The MaximizerSM

Looking to grow assets and take retirement possibilities to a new level?  Use the Maximizer to improve the value of business properties important to your retirement.

The Maximizer combines 3 unique processes to help you create cash from nothing and leverage it to quickly create enormous enterprise value.

Upon sale, The Maximizer defers up to 100% of capital gain and 1250 recapture at sale,  protects your lifestyle, legacy, and balance sheet from tax reduction, and gives you approval over the range of investments you deserve…including private wealth assets and collections such as muscle cars, art and antiques.

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The Legacy ProtectorSM

Want to understand and address the greatest risks every successful person faces and secure a family culture that leverages all assets for you and your loved ones?

The Legacy Protector complements our other programs with everything you need to protect your estate and legacy.

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