Meet the team

 With a combined 60+ years of experience,

Jim and Art have developed reputations as two of the best in the business


James W. Smyth Esq.

MBA/JD, University of Notre Dame

Arthur P. Jensen<br />
CPA, University of Maryland

Arthur P. Jensen

CPA, Former KPMG National Office

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Let's face it. You didn't reach your level of expertise by being stupid. You got here by working hard and excelling in your field. If you're reading this, you are what we like to call a Wealth Creator. You are someone who knows what it takes to make huge amounts of money.

That's where we come in.

We specialize in working with Wealth Creators to turn them into Wealth Preservers. We provide a service unlike anything else out there that offers enormous tax savings, asset protection, wealth preservation, and legacy planning. 

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