Need to Bypass a 1031?

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1031 Exchange

Custom Structured Settlements, LLC


45-DAY TIME LIMIT to specify the property you want to acquire to an intermediary.


NO TIME LIMIT to ID the property or close deals. You keep your negotiating strength.

You MUST re-invest in a "like-kind" property

ZERO "like-kind" property requirements.

You can invest in ANYTHING!

You must reinvest ALL of your money

No value limitations on reinvesting.

You have the flexibility to reinvest as much or as little as you like.


You MUST carry forward any straight-line depreciation to the next property, reducing overall deductions


No limitations on future depreciation from past return investments.
You MUST close within 180 days of the sale of the old.  

No defaults for failure to close on a worthwhile property.



A 1031 Exchange Has High Risks With High Rewards.

We Can Work With You As a Safety Net
Just in Case Things Go South.

Drastically Improve Your Lifestyle

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